Step 6: Appraisal Process for a Conservation Easement

One step of Six Steps to a Happy Conservation Easement

After the conservation easement deed prepared by the Land Trust, the appraisal report is the most important document…

Basic Info gathering by you

  • Name of land trust
  • Conservation Easement or Fee Simple Transfer
  • Sale, donation, or some of both (Bargain Sale)
  • Location of land
  • Approximate acreage and road frontage
  • List of improvements, such as house, barn, garage, etc

Discuss with the Appraiser

  • Appraiser will quote a cost and time to complete the appraisal
  • Sign Contract

Complete the Appraiser’s checklist to give him baseline info.

Appraiser walks the land… Please join me on the walk.

Appraiser prepares and submits report.

You file your federal taxes with form 8283 which is signed by the appraiser and by the land trust